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We Need Your Help!
« on: December 16, 2020, 12:22:27 AM »
With the owner (Dewguy) the only one maintaining this site and working 2-3 jobs to keep this active, and me, the only surviving admin, 10 months furloughed because of covid, barely coming here time to time for this forum because of finishing a backlog of mangas to scan and working on my WordPress blog I've started three years ago, the activity of this forum is, well....dying, so we need your help!

We need global mods and mods that can help maintain the forums to proper order and maybe a technician to help out the php/mysql/ftp parts and share the work on projects that we may not have the time because reasons or need help on something. If you want to join you can PM either me or Dewguy for more information.

I've also noticed the entire Media section is unusable now. None of the images or videoes are shown, and I may be thinking of doing a mass reformat of that section, wiping out everything that was there before. Unless there's a way that everything can work again in the Media section without me wiping out data please tell me.

This thread will be updated with more news in the near future.

Things like my Twitter, Facebook, future myBB and Wordpress sites will be coming soon. Stay tuned!