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Attention: Scans
« on: August 08, 2011, 07:16:09 PM »
I have decided to begin doing scandalations of mangas, doujinshi, and magazines not yet released to the public. Either tomorrow or Wednesday I should have my first batch of comics mailed to me and will begin through all of them; my second batch is still 'being processed' in Japan through a Japanese middleman (been about a week now who knows how long I'll ever hear from them). All of my scans will come from a new blog that I'm building on for just that purpose.

Although there's a limited amount of $$$ I can spend on through Melonbooks/Rakuten/Kiraku/W-Canvas/Toro Ana with the help of a middleman (so far I'm using Japantoy but might switch to Tenso or ShoppingmallJapan if I don't hear from JT in one more week), but you can help me out by donating through Paypal (and yes, I'll only accept Paypal). Also, if you're looking for something that I don't have nor if any other site doesn't have it as torrent/download, you can reply here the English title, Kanji or Higarana title (this is required), and whatever description you like to put down or e-mail me. If I find it in stock I'll inform you along with the price which you will have to pay to me by donating (to make sure that I'm not scamming you, I'll e-mail you a copy of the confirmation and/or receipt when I get it through the place I'm getting your item at). It's just a matter of how many days (or weeks) it'll take from Japan to my house...

Sadly, I'm not a translator but if you are and have good Jp <- Eng knowledge all help would be apprieciated.

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