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 It's real simple actually to create and upload to your very own gallery here at the zoo, all you do is goto the top main menu bar, click on my albums. From here you will create a new album.
: __ put the name you wish to call your album in the name box
  __  in the description box maybe some details to the albums contents
  __ in the icon spot you can choose a pic or something to be the main icon of the album
  __ also has additional features and personalizations to settings, with details on each to the left
  __ click submit and your album is created

, then from inside your albums you can upload your pictures, either by uploading one at a time or using the mass upload feature. I suggest using the mass upload works so much quicker when you have multiple items you wish to place in the folder.

How to use both features I will now explain:

: Clicking add an item to this album will only allow you to upload one item at a time
  __ at title you put the name of the particular piece you want to upload
  __ a description if wanted in the description, maybe some keywords if you wish to make it public
  __ file to upload is where you choose the file you wish to upload
  __  use a thumbnail feature will allow you to choose an icon to use for the particular file if you wish, not necessary cause the gallery will create a thumbnail of uploaded file if no thumbnail icon is chosen
   __ fill in censorship and language information and click submit your done and will return to your gallery

: Mass upload feature is great for uploading more then one thing easily
   __ clicking 2. select file will allow you to select files you wish to mass upload
   __ once you have all the files chosen you wish to upload, click the submit and sit back and watch them upload, if the upload seems to have stopped or stall on you, reclicking the submit will resume the upload from where it left off don't fear and don't leave this page till both bars read 100%
   __ after upload is 100% done you will see thumbnails of all items and little boxes above the thumbnail where you can put a description of the item
   __ once finished scroll to bottom and click submit and you will be taken back to your gallery
 That concludes creating your albums and how to upload them, now you may be asking how to share them at the zoo inside the forum activities and chat, from the folder of the item you wish to share, you copy the BBC embed code which will be presented with brackets [] inside smg id and then a number, make sure to copy all including brackets, then paste it where you'd like it to appear. No worries you can always go back and modify it if you mess something up or like to change your examples later, also it's nicer that the members can just click to enlarge and gives details if they want to actually goto the individual piece later and maybe even comment in your gallery and such.

I hope this has helped clear up any issues or questions about your personal galleries in the my albums section, the gallery was created to be both fun in the forum and also the gallery fun itself, hope you all enjoy and if any questions about gallery issues please place them in the support area and someone on staff will get to your question as soon as possible. Have a smiley day ^^
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