Author Topic: Oh wow were closing in on a full year of being open again woohoo ^^  (Read 7825 times)

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Welp as of August 11, 2010 the zoo celebrates it's year anniversary, just lil information too the lurking masses and us few yappers I have a lil of a treat in store for the zoo for it's one year anniversary, in the form of our very own Doujin or comic which ever you wish to call it, I am currently working on my pieces for said project and also put out an open invitation for any other artists who would like to participate and add a lil section or piece of their own for the Zoo's year anniversary doujin, writers are also welcome to throw in what they like as well  maybe mini stories, totally up to the artist themselves check this thread for more details. And also in addition to that I will try to get many many more things uploading in the library in mean time as well, hope all are enjoying watching the zoo grow  and are having fun ^^
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