Help: Smileys

Below is a list of the smileys available on this forum. Note that smileys may differ from forum to forum.

Please note that not all of the smiley codes will be correctly parsed and converted to images unless their opening spaces are present.

Name Image (click to insert) Code (type to insert)
ohappybirthday ohappybirthday
odale_komandox odale_komandox
ostudy_otakon ostudy_otakon
ocalientito ocalientito
hello pervs :hellopervs :hellopervs
onavidad4 onavidad4
onavidad3 onavidad3
onavidad2 onavidad2
onavidad1 onavidad1
ololelove ololelove
olalalala olalalala
okawakawa okawakawa
ovalentin ovalentin
owaaaaaa1 owaaaaaa1
owaaaaaa2 owaaaaaa2
opuajaja opuajaja
olooking olooking
squish smiley :squishy :squishy
ostress ostress
oshock2 oshock2
oraziel oraziel
ootakon ootakon
omajado omajado
oimdead oimdead
ohotair ohotair
ohentai ohentai
ohello4 ohello4
ohello3 ohello3
ohello2 ohello2
ohello1 ohello1
artist :artist :artist
orocky orocky
ospace ospace
onegai onegai
ohypno ohypno
oyellc oyellc
ostlk ostlk
osocc osocc
oscrd oscrd
oruna oruna
orude orude
orite orite
orguy orguy
orgrl orgrl
oredc oredc
orage orage
opuss opuss
opuke opuke
optrf optrf
onyah onyah
onooo onooo
onchn onchn
omucu omucu
omise omise
olove olove
olnly olnly
olamp olamp
okuso okuso
oknif oknif
okini okini
okbal okbal
okama okama
oichi oichi
ohuhu ohuhu
ohiya ohiya
ohelp ohelp
ohaha ohaha
ogvup ogvup
ogmme ogmme
ofuro ofuro
ofrzn ofrzn
ofrus ofrus
ofina ofina
ofeva ofeva
ofast ofast
oetto oetto
odizz odizz
oding oding
ocold ocold
obore obore
oblue oblue
oblsh oblsh
objct objct
oball oball
obaka obaka
osupp osupp
otara otara
othmb othmb
othnk othnk
owiii owiii
owind owind
oworr oworr
owtf2 owtf2
oyell oyell
ozomg ozomg
waving hello :hihi :hihi
oslp oslp
oomg oomg
oooh oooh
olol olol
ohyu ohyu
ohya ohya
ohno ohno
og2h og2h
ofly ofly
ofiu ofiu
ocry ocry
obye obye
oswt oswt
owah owah
owtf owtf
Azn ^-^ ^-^
Huh? ??? ???
Evil >:D >:D
Angry >:( >:(
Undecided :-\ :-\
Embarrassed :-[ :-[
Lips Sealed :-X :-X
Kiss :-* :-*
Cry :'( :'(
Roll Eyes 8-) 8-)
oxd oxd
Afro O0 O0
Grin ;D ;D
Wink ;) ;)
Tongue :P :P
Shocked :o :o
Cheesy :D :D
Smiley :) :)
Sad :( :(
Cool 8) 8)
o3 o3
do the dew :dew :dew